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Three Day Barter Trainer Program Will Get Your Trade Exchange Started On The Right Track

As you explore different avenues to help you get your trade exchange off the ground, only one will allow you to follow a smooth flight plan: Tom McDowell's How To Launch Your Own Highly Profitable and Successful Trade Exchange.

The 3-day Barter Trainer Program offers you a complete in-depth training program - including exclusive one-on-one time with you and Tom. Who better to guide you through the start-up of your trade exchange than Tom McDowell - widely considered the top authority in the barter industry?

The Barter Trainer Program is not a franchise. Once you start your barter exchange, you retain ALL OF THE REVENUES. Tom's 3-Day Training Program offers you personalized training to get you started on the right track. Plus, you will have the option to lease or purchase his innovative BarterSolutions software package and his ingenious Marketing Concepts direct mail marketing tool to help you to quickly gain new customers. Best of all, the 3-Day Training Program comes with four extensive manuals - Sales, Brokering, Operations, and Letters/Forms, each written by Tom in a way that is easy to understand, follow and implement.

The 3-Day Barter Trainer Program is available for $2995 for the first person from your business and $1500 for each additional attendee - which includes attendance in the three day personalized training program and the complete Barter Trainer Training Manual Set. Four people from your business may participate in the 3-day training program for a special rate of $6995. In addition, you may choose to lease/purchase the BarterSolutions software to operate your trade exchange. Find out details on the BarterSolutions software program details.

Don't trust your training to anyone else. Don't share your profits - keep all of your revenues with Tom McDowell's complete How To Launch Your Own Highly Profitable and Successful Trade Exchange Barter Training Program and gain the knowledge you need to succeed in the world of barter. For more details, call 440-488-1683, or Contact the Barter Trainer!

Check out Tom's ALL INCLUSIVE TURNKEY PROGRAM which features everything you need to start up your barter exchange.

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